When the New Orleans Saints recovered a surprise onside kick on the second half kickoff to take the lead and eventually the W from the Indianapolis Colts.

February 7, 2010 — Super Bowl XLIV

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14 years ago today, St. Louis Rams’ linebacker Mike Jones tackled Tennessee Titans wide-receiver Kevin Dyson at the one-yard line — stopping a potential game-tying TD and securing the Rams’ Super Bowl victory.

January 30, 2000 — Super Bowl XXXIV

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When Washington Redskins’ John Riggins broke through the Miami Dolphins’ defense on 4th & 1 to score a TD and take the lead.

January 30, 1983 — Super Bowl XVII

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With :34 left on the clock, this 10-yard touchdown pass secured the San Francisco 49ers’ win over the Cincinnati Bengals.

January 22, 1989 - Super Bowl XXIII

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It’s been 16 years since John Elway got clobbered by two [Green Bay Packers] defenders. Even that huge double-hit couldn’t stop Elway from getting the [Denver Broncos] a 1st down and the Super Bowl win.

January 25, 1998 — Super Bowl XXXII

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